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Reading: Internal jugular vein phlebectasia


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Internal jugular vein phlebectasia


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Colombo North Teaching Hospital, Ragama, LK
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DSC Perera

Colombo North Teaching Hospital, Ragama
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Internal jugular vein (LJV) phlebectasia is a rare form of congenital venous anomaly. Less than 50 cases have been reported in the literature world-wide. In the majority of cases the lesion was in boys and on the right side. It is a fusiform dilation of the vein without any apparent obstruction, and is believed to be due to congenital thinning of the vessel wall. It can mimic an external laryngocele.


Ceylon Medical Journal 2002; 47(1): 30
How to Cite: Fernando, T. and Perera, D., 2014. Internal jugular vein phlebectasia. Ceylon Medical Journal, 47(1), p.30. DOI:
Published on 23 Jan 2014.
Peer Reviewed


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